Research, Project management & M&E Consultancy

Project Management & M&E Consultancy

Research and Evaluation consultancy today is calling for organizations to correct their mistakes by learning from past mistakes and also find out strategies that do not work and those that work and can be replicated, through evidence gathering. A good MER system clearly shows project activities, guides adjustments along the way, and enables measurement of changes and identification of lessons learned when the project ends so that funds are used efficiently and effectively.

Monitoring and evaluation are separate practices dedicated to the assessment of your NGO’s overall performance. Monitoring is systematic and long-term and it involves gathering of information on progress of an implemented project. Evaluation is time specific and it determines whether a project has reached its goals or is in line with what is expected to be achieved based on the approved plan. Demonstrative Research Consultancy helps organizations generate information necessary for impact-oriented project management, decision making and learning through effective involvement of key stakeholders.

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