Monitoring and Evaluation

Change management/Systems structuring, review & support

Change is an inevitable part of our lives. However, the change process needs to be managed well and get support from the concerned individuals or key stakeholders within an organization (staff and management) and also external stakeholders (key funders, beneficiaries etc) to implement the strategies and make things happen.  Success in change implementation hinges on individual perceptions about the manner in which the process is handled and direction and ultimate benefits of the change.

Communication and transparency are important in motivating individuals who will operate within the changed environment. Same as systems structuring and reviews, there is need to consider the effects of the processes both to the individuals concerned as well as to the organization. Apart from getting buy in, both the change management process and systems structuring or review require well-structured strategies and financial resources to implement the process with guidance of a facilitator to support the change. Demonstrative Research Consultancy provides consultancy services in facilitating, guiding supporting the change management processes or systems structuring and review processes.

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