Creative adaption_ Maximizing on change management plus M&E

In the context of a crisis such as the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, which has posed a global burden, most organisations are operating in a crisis mode and a lot of changes are happening cautiously or sub-consciously. Teamwork at this stage is a key to success and it is vital for organisations to be aware of important guidelines for adaptively managing the crisis and at the same time manage change. Our daily lives are becoming project oriented. Such a context requires altering expectations from human capital and changing work cultures. At this stages many leaders are contemplating on whether they will survive the “test of time” or not and a number of
rushed and panic decisions are being made in the name of responsive adaptation. However, certain critical such factors and characteristics are key to crisis times and these relate to; awareness, teamwork, patience,
accountability, information management, flexibility and change inclination.

The role of management is redefined and expanded under crisis management circumstances and in general it entails the following;

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Crisis times call for new ways of handling work. However, this poses a problem to a number of organisations  as they realize that there is a big difference between business as usual and  working adaptively to solve, manage or survive a crisis. Also most organisations are caught ill-prepared without frameworks for monitoring and evaluating their actions or change, in order to effectively manage change. Conventional project management focused on solving specific and manageable problems, whereas crisis management is a continual adaptive and reflective process. Crisis times bring special attention to the role of the M&E function of an organisation since it helps craft review and reflection responses necessary for crisis management including safeguarding. Traditional project management methods focused on creating a specific outcome, result or products(mostly qualitative).

However, in crisis times, managing or improving processes, adaptive  learning and accountability become most critical. Change management during crisis times deviates from traditional models in the way that it is more about people especially the human capital. Organisational success at such times is most reliant on people;  complying to regulatory measures, drawing from the inner-energy and giving their best, thriving on self motivation, accepting empathy of their leaders, cooperating on goal achievement and committing to understanding and implementing the entire crisis response processes and plans. Organisations need to focus more on M&E and change management during crisis times so that they come out of crisis situations strong.

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